Living the Alberta Dream

by Mike
(Edmonton Alberta Canada)

Been a driver for 37 yrs and have been steady in the oil patch for the last 7 yrs.. Most of what I do is haul casing/pipe/drill stem to rigs everywhere and any where in Alberta, Sask., and B.C.

Also do heavy haul in rig moves and on occasion drive pusher truck on super heavy loads.. i've even done the extra pull truck for bigger loads where I would drive ahead of the load and when the driver thought a hill was too steep or traction was an issue I would back to the truck connect up and we would be 2 power units pulling up the grade and once over the top un hook till the next hill..

The pay is good ,..home a lot compared to highway drivers.. the hours can be very long at times and conditions can be terrible.. unloading at a lease in minus 40 winter weather helping the picker truck..Its not for every one..

I was a mentor/trainer for a time and more than once a new hire would come for his orientation trip to a rig some where in the mountains and the roads are sometimes nothing more than a truck width track up a mountain side.. Ive had a couple get out of the truck once we got back and say.. "you guys are crazy, this aint for me.".LOL

You need to pay attention to what you are doing in this line of work and be a complete pro.. your life and the lives of others out there depend on you doing your job right..Check out some of my vids to see what im talking about

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Sep 27, 2010
Great vids scary job in those winter conditions
by: Anonymous

Man you have some terrific videos there I watyched a few of them.. them silly Ice road Truckers have NOTHING on what you guys do in the patch up and down them mountains.. keep it safe

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