Lease Purchase David McBride and Owner Operators

by Daniel
(Huntsville, AL )

If you've spent anytime in this industry east of the Mississippi and are or were an owner operator you either know or have heard of David McBride.

He's the grandson of the founders of the oldest O/O company in America and had built several programs that have been all over the blog pages about success in trucking. If you think you want to be an O/O or lease a truck find him and follow this guy. He is the only trucking executive that makes everyone try to be successful.

The keys that he teaches is fuel management that mKes sense on a per mile basis using two different formulas by mpg and fsc based

He teaches tax and money management for future planning so you can succeed beyond the first year and plan ahead for taxes

Business and personal credit is a BIG one! Listen and take notes!

Last, if you find one of his manuals about success read it or search around for one. There are so many things that most people dont think of when owning a business or running a business. How do you plan for expansion? How do I apply for my authority? How do I get more trucks or become a small fleet owner....

Being an owner operator isn't easy and aligning yourself with the right people is the most important thing you can do to get ahead. The most important thing he says is trucks are a dime a dozen, finding the right company is the most important part.

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