Keeping you ALIVE to go home to family

by Scott levan
(Watsontown PA )

Drivers peace of mind

Drivers peace of mind

I have been driving for 15 yrs accident free and 2 million miles... my number one tip ..(PAY ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES ). I promise you will go home everytime to see your family and not in a body bag.


Always check your weather do not run into unexpected storms be prepared and have a plan. Do not park in areas th a t look run down and no lighting at night.

If you are in a bad area when you come off your rest break log your pre-trip but don't get out of the truck for any reason do it when you are in a safe place ... always keep your equipment up to par check tire pressure everyday or other day.

Always know where you are when you stop in case you need to call 911 always have your location ready. Put a carbon monoxide detector in your truck along with a fire detector. It only takes less the 8 minutes for a truck to be fully in flames.

If you follow these simple tips you will do just fine I have and I'm still accident free till this day.. good luck and happy trucking

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Apr 13, 2016
A trucking job is my calling
by: Jeff

Trying to get back driving again after ten years with this security company,I would like to thank you.

I will save this as my rule book.Be safe .

Apr 12, 2016
Thanks for the tips
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the trucking tips

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