Kathi aka tsgirl75 truckers wife from Cali

I am 51, I have a 12 yr old son and my husband/best friend now drives a truck. He started driving 2 yrs ago after struggling with finding a permanent job for 8 yrs.

We are high school sweethearts reunited after 25 yrs and he lost his job 3 weeks before our wedding in 2001. The struggles we have endured for the past 9 years tested our relationship and we have come out stronger and closer. This is something I am finding a trucker and his wife must have to make things work while he is on the road.

It is hard to not get depressed over the loneliness and not having his arms around me when a problem arises. Unfortunately, I do not have any close friends or family to spend time with, so I struggle a lot with the loneliness.

I do my best to stay busy. During the week it is easy....homework :-)...helping my 5th grader fills a lot of the evenings. The weekends are hardest...you can only clean house for so long :-). But I play games on the computer, read, watch my favorite shows.

I am hoping I will find another trucker's wife who shares the same situation as me to chat with. Especially one that might live in Orange County, California. Send me a message. :-)

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Mar 29, 2012
hi NEW
by: Anonymous

hi kathi! say hi if u want to talk. im mostly online. my name's anne. im a trucker's wife too so guess we share the same passion for our husbands and their profession. it was nice to meet someone like you. Send me an a message on ym BuggsLuvsMe is the name. take care and talk to u soon.

Mar 06, 2012
Sharing your story with BBC Worldwide NEW
by: Marshall James

Hello Kathi,

My name is Marshall James and I am working with BBC Worldwide to produce a documentary about couples. We are looking to hear from as many couples as we can, reaching out to hear stories of how people met and what keeps them together in the face of trials like work and distance. I thought a family where a spouse is a trucker and on the road a lot would have a fascinating, unique story to tell and thought it would be best to reach out to you directly. Please contact me at Marshall.James@bbcaproduction.com or at 818-253-1602.

Please contact us soon! Looking forward to hearing your story.

-Marshall James
BBC Worldwide Productions - Documentaries

Sep 28, 2011
by: Denise

Hi, I live in TN but I am going through the same struggles. I have a hard time dealing with the loneliness of this business. My husband is happy & it didn't bother me as much when I lived close to my family & friends in Indiana but we moved to TN due to financial reasons & his family lives here. It's still very lonely & I haven't met any friends yet. Most people do not understand this lifestyle.

Jan 01, 2011
Looking to talk
by: Anonymous

I am not from cali but I am also looking for people to talk to. I have family but we dont really hang out if u know what I mean and I have no close friends. Give me an email at cmhiester@gmail.com

Oct 13, 2010
Passing the time away
by: Hervy


Welcome. Seems you are coping. I'd like to see you reaching the next level though where you are happy and enthusiastic about the future despite the current separation.

It seems you have a decently full schedule but you did mention filling the time so I wanted to make a few suggestions.

If you want to one day have your husband back at home or back at home more, some of your time should or could be spent working on either starting a home business or learning more about trucking if your husband has any interest in becoming an owner operator.

If he likes trucking enough to go deeper. You may want to learn about brokering, or the business of starting your own authority.

If you guys have other interests especially if they can be used to address the needs of the community or help other people you may want to seriously consider developing that into something to productively invest your free time in.

Of course, the underlying motive would be to also someday provide a way for your husband to transition out of the truck when/if the need or want comes about.

Sadly some drivers, stay on the road all of their lives and after 20 or 30 years want to leave but can't or they get sick and have no way to earn money.

If ask that you and all truckers wives consider starting some type of home business or find out your husband's feeling about going deeper into trucker so that you might know whether if could be beneficial if you were to learn more about the business side of trucking to help make him getting deeper involved more likely to be successful and at the same time having common interest related to the occupation which in the end also benefits the relationship.

wow, I am long winded, lol

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