Jimmy, Kingman,Az

by Jimmy

Excellent blog. Trucking parallels the economy. You said GOOD drivers can always find work. That is so true. The more experienced you are, the more in demand you will be. I'd like to add a couple things. Do not job hop, keep your license squeaky clean, give notice if you do quit, and be remembered in the safety department as a "problem free" driver. I worked for 7 companies more than once, some even 3 times, because I left on good terms, every time. Once I even had the owner of the company that I was leaving, while sitting in his office,call the owner of the company I was going to and attempt to "pick" his brain as to try to find out what was so special about his company.

In my 63 years, I've seen recessions come and go, but this one feels different. With the unemployment rate, foreclosures, big corporate bailouts, lack of available credit, people are skiddish. We will pull through, but our lifestyles will be different. If we could get back to manufacturing everything in this country that we consume, would it not create jobs? I'll quit now before I end up blogging for the next 2 hours. Jimmy

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