Is it Abandonment of a Load if I Drop the Trailer on the Yard

by John

Can I be charged with abandonment of a load if I drop a loaded trailer on their yard, and then quit.

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Jun 14, 2018
What are you supposed to be doing with the load NEW
by: Hervy

As far as the legal aspect if taken to court I don't know. I would image the circumstances surrounding the incident would make a difference too.

Having said that, I have seen companies put abandonment on a driver's record for dropping a loaded trailer on a yard if it's not the home terminal or where the company rep said to take the trailer.

Also, if you picked up the load with the understanding that you were to deliver it, that's definitely not cool.

If I were you, I would take the trailer where the company told you to take it.

Previous similar situations that has happened.....

Some drivers say, "If if take it to the terminal, I would be further away from home and they won't pay for it."

I don't think it's the company's responsibility to get you home if you quit. You can't just take their equipment.

The other one is, "Its my truck and their trailer. I am not going to take/deliver this load and then have to drive all the way back home backtracking."

My response: You still can't just pick up the load like you're going to deliver it and instead drop it off at the yard just because it is convenient for you.

Basically reverse the rolls. Would you mind if a driver did to you what you are thinking of doing to the company. (Think from a business and human to human standpoint, non biased.)

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