Im a Chicago driver seeking a job.

by Carnell Bonner jr
(Chicago Heights, Illinois USA)

Im looking to get some time behind the wheel of a big rig after being out for the last four years, possibly on the weekends to sharpen my skills.

The last full year I drove was between march of 2008 and march of 2009 with JB Hunt intermodal and 2 months in the year of 2011 (april-may) with celadon OTR.

I work Monday thru Friday but am totally free on sat and sun. I have every bit of confidence that I still have the skills and discipline to safety operate a semi in a professional environment. Im only 30 years old and ive been truck driving since I was 21 so I still have alot of time of sevice left in me to apply my work ethic.

I just ended up in a class b position driving a straight truck for the last four years after starting a family but I need to get back where the good money is. I still hold a valid class A license (Illinois) with haz-mat, and dubles endorsement. Clean driving record and solid work history. Im hard working, a fast learner and extremely money motivated.

Im married with a six year old girl so I got grown man responsibilities with no time to wast BS'n anyone. Im very serious about driving and have what it takes. I just need the opportunity.

Email me at;

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