Idiot Drivers

I firmly believe that drivers like this guy should be off the road due largely to the fact that he admits reaching for cameras and camcorders while driving down the road in bad weather. The last thing you should be doing is taking pictures and video when you have a semi coming across the median at you or you are losing traction n a snow covered mountain. Hopefully he smartens up before he kills someone out here

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Apr 17, 2011
what an idiot!
by: Hervy

I understand and appreciate your concern! It's a natural response.

However, I used a poor choice of words caught up in telling a story.

The reach was only to my shirt pocket. So actually I didn't even reach. What I was actually getting was my camera, not a camcorder. Which you can see posted is a picture not video.

I stated that as if i got the camera while I was still driving (which is probably when it crossed my mind that the camcorder should have been running which is on a tripod between two seats) but in actuality you can see that I took that picture, and not as the truck was coming toward me but after we both had stopped.

I have reworded the story to accurately reflect.

This camera, is a flat flip like,(its a Kodak z28) camera that does not require one to take his/her eyes off of the road to shoot. You just aim in the direction and pretty much you get the shot if your used to the camera. It's held flat in your hand and your thumb hits the button.

If you understand how a cowboy shoots a pistol you kind of got the idea about not having to look or aim with your eyes. Of course for anyone who is not familiar or doesn't take pics with this type of camera they are likely not to understand.

You can believe me, that I am not putting anyone in any danger by making anything other than driving my priority. Besides, think I don't know lawyers or haters or even safety concerned people would be doing a thorough investigation to check and see if the video was in use. Of course they would. They are probably subscribed to my rss

Don't have time for drama or loss wages.

Still, Because of that and the fact that I know the truth don't always matter as much as how much money and resources someone has to present a case, even without an accident, so as not to jeopardize my job or scrutiny of my employer, I have changed my behavior since the time of posting those pics.

Even though it would be pretty easy to demonstrate how to take a pic without taking your eyes off the road no longer than it takes to glance at the mirror. You get the shot, good. You miss the shot oh well, that's pretty much how it goes. On the road to drive, everything else is secondary.

I do thank you for the comment. And understand completely why you posted it. Have a great day!

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