I get home every weekend after switching 5 companies

Getting Home Every Weekend

Getting Home Every Weekend

This is a great trucking web site keep up the good work. I have been trucking for 3years now and a lot of things that you talk about i can understand. Its time for us truckers to stick together.

Plz talk about these trucking companies that offer weekly home time but do not deliver.

Like i said i have been driving for just 3years and I have worked for 5 different companies. Till i found 1 that told me the truth.

Now, I get home every weekend and I get great miles.

This type of thing can ruin your driving career having to work at so many companies. So right next to being safe and keeping a good driving record is picking the right company for you.

Also i want to let all the new drivers know try to get as many endorsements as you can. It can also open many more doors for you.


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Feb 15, 2017
Insight about getting home more often
by: Hervy

How long do truckers stay out? That is a common question. People do switch companies a lot to address this.

This is for other drivers watching this... Should you switch companies to address this issue?

Read this page before getting a trucking job or switching companies.
How long are truckers out on the road

Also if/when you switch consider smaller or medium sized companies in your area after a year of trucking. (link from the page I asked you to read to finding smaller and medium sized trucking companies)

Sep 20, 2014
new cdl graduate
by: Anonymous

Need a job im in Stockton California dependable and responsible

Oct 29, 2012
attitude and research
by: Anonymous

Hi hervy i like ya site you've got it all covered my brotha.

u even compelled me to start one. i drove for 23yrs man and had to get off the road due to my heath. anyway my 2 cents newbies need to start with 2 things

-#1 attitude is everything positive one will take u a helluva long way

#2 research i cant state that enough know the kind of person u are -(conformist vs non conformist)if u the kinda guy or gal who doe's not like to be told what to do or ur activities monitored after u get some miles under ya belt.

u may look into truck ownership vs company driver do the home work up front never ever dive into just any company without research guy's &gals that's probably the number 1 reason drivers job hop

-do that and u should have a long carrier without too many companys

Feb 21, 2012
great advice for the aspiring trucker
by: Hervy

Thanks man, and you give some great advice and insight for the aspiring driver. You are exactly right, these types of things needs to change about the industry.

It starts with a shift in attitude of the trucking companies but also the drivers.

The companies need to treat the drivers like human beings, team members, and import player.

Drivers need to make sure they are dependable,positive minded and team oriented.

I am glad you found a great trucking company. That is the catch 22 part of correcting the equation in this moment.

As you stated, switching jobs becomes tricky. The more you switch the less desirable you are to good trucking companies.

However, if you stay at a company treating you like crap, you help that company to continue to exist.

The best thing you can do is keep detail account of why you are changing companies and only change for good reason. Try to go to companies based on driver referral not company recruiting.

This is likely to be a better choice. When you find that company that you are referred to, they will be impressed about how you took notes on reasons to leave the trash company in search for something of higher standards where you could be a professional and would be appreciated as such.

Best of luck to ya and feel free to voice your opinion on changes needed in the trucking industry here.

Upgrade the trucking industry


Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

You have to be careful who you work for. You can't just go blindly into a fleet and expect everything to work out.

That is where a good recruiter will save your bacon! If you want to be home weekly then tell your recruiter and if he or she is worth their salt they will show you only opportunities that will get you home weekly.

If you're okay being out for weeks at a clip then you've got a lot more opportunity out there.

Everybody is different and one fleet could be great for one driver but terrible for another.

It all depends on your needs.

Just my take.

Doug Shields

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