I can explain the SAP Program, I recruit for companies both SAP/ Non SAP friendly

by Nicole

I started off in Safety at a company that worked with the SAP Driving program.

I realized how little it was recognized and understood and I wanted to help. Any way I could.

Hit me up, (219)765-2073 anytime (I run driver hours, because you don’t need your time wasted when you are looking for information when you need it and driver hours are 24/7) - Email me, nicole@driveatg.com - Ask questions.
I will help the best way possible. Even if you’re not on SAP, Ask! Or if you are looking for work and not on SAP, yeah, I work with some pretty great companies out there overall.

Give me a call - Find out what could be available. Throw that headset on when your tired and call, sitting at that shipper receiver exploring your options - hung up hours over already pissed - send that email. Hey, I’m looking for info. You wont know if you have better opportunities to you if you don’t think you need to look, but these a chance there is. And somewhere where you know you’ll be treated right.

Knowledge is power, especially in an always evolving industry, knowing you want your career to be in your hands, then yes.. those who agree, if you don’t know what the SAP program is and why it’s so important to understand it fully, and mind you - yes you can be put on the SAP program without ever even had anything other than a personal license - I know why and you should too.

There is plenty of information out there, and there are people that want to help.
Not only am I a recruiter but if I know you’re new (example) and I can’t help right now you for whatever case by case may be - yeah I’ll let you know save my number, hang onto it for when you hit that snow or is there snow? The Chicago area, it covers a lot of routes. Everyone knows that. I have the 24/7 roadside company information that is in that area radius who are good people, quick, certified, but understanding that your equiptment is going to be treated and respected like you want it to be, and as it should be. DeGel, ReStarts, Tires, exct. And extensive - Tractor Trailer capability

I’m new to recruiting but not the Industry so much, but I have learned that this Industry is incredible and full of proud people doing good, decent, hard work and it is very under recognized. It gets hard being away, things come up, life throws curve balls, and yeah if you willing to bare with me, I absolutely would love to go over options, questions, what have you, as I am everyday learning too.

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