i am a NY truck driver with 10yrs experience seeking a job!!

by kimberly
(ny usa)

I became a professional over the road truck driver in 1997. I have approximately 10 years experience. I pulled 48 and 53' dry van and reefers nationwide incident free.

anyone can learn to dry a truck, but learning to be a truck driver is another class of instruction and i was able to achieve that with experience. i got pinched with my first and only DUI just over 6 years ago, and payed for it dearly.. hell, i'm still paying for it even though my cdl is clean as a whistle.

Descent companies are giving me a hard time now to hire.. some say to go back to school. I've been to school and i have trained. my school days are over.. however, if i were asked to go out with a trainer for a few days to a week, to get my feet wet again, i would probably go for that.

I was a good driver and had excellent communication skills with the customer, brokers, and dispatch. i always maintained professionalism and respected the hard work ethic.

I never thought i was going to miss this business as much as i am.

When i pulled off the road i did finish college and became a therapist for a nursing facility which i was layed off from just about a year ago.

Since then i have been moonlighting for cab companies and doing odd jobs while collecting unemployment which isn't even close to pay the bills.

I'm still desperately searching for work. i presently reside on long island, NY and definitely have no problem relocating once i get back in the swing of things again.

what i am looking for is a small, over the road outfit with up to par equipment who will allow me to show them the skills i once had. I know i didn't forget, but i just need someone to give me a chance to show them that i still got it and i can still get the job done in a safe, professional manner.
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Sep 23, 2012
New Rules for Experiance Drivers NEW
by: David M. Engler

Theres NEW set of RULES to returning to Truck Driving as i been out of for 5 yrs. !

I found out that Insurance companys are telling
Trucking companys, Drivers who been out action of
driving, MUST take a " REFRESHER CORSE ! "

Look it up on your computer, Find which School
has the course, And check out the " COST " plus
find out how many because of your DUI problem !

In wisconsin,will cost me $380.00 to get BACK
in Trucking again ! All my 28 yrs. experiance
been FLUSH down the drain because of 5yrs. of
health issue. Pay the price for your mistakes!

Good Luck & keep fighting to drive again !

David M. Engler

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