Hiring Quality Drivers Will Be One Of Your Biggest Challenges

by Hervy

Hiring Good Drivers Can Be Challenging

Hiring Good Drivers Can Be Challenging

When it is time for you to expand your trucking company hiring other drivers will be one of your biggest challenges. Not that you can't find drivers, but to find quality drivers with great work ethic AND the personal development to make a great employee is a different story.

Not knocking drivers but look around in general. Although I see the energy level rising, the average person right now is still heavily invested in an poverty mindset.

They don't accept responsibility
They look for others to blame
The don't understand business
The have unreasonable expectations
Favor immediate gratification

All of these things work against you. So what you have to do is have a system for evaluating their mindset. You want candidates to have a positive attitude and take personal responsibility seriously.

This way, they are open to coaching and are eager to learn. They are mindful and aware of opportunities to improve.

I created a page that covers this in further detail here.
Growing Your Trucking Company

Make sure you are on solid ground before you start reaching out to help other people with a trucking job or with a truck.

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