Help, lost on this site

by Jennifer Schnittker
(Butler, Pa 16001)

I am trying to find where the rest of the "trucker's wives" stories are--- When I go to the blog- I see mine, but I cannot see others that people are leaving. No i am not dense, just lost I suppose. Could someone please direct this lost woman to where I can find the rest of the driver's wives stories? Or even blogs going back before October 9th?

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Mar 11, 2011
Hope this helps
by: Marianne

Hello.... I hope this will help. When you click on the Truckers wives on your left side(It is between Truck Forums and Member website)as soon as it shows up and you scroll down from the very bottom, you will find the link to other wives' stories.

Its underlined and clickable and written in bold letters and guess in blue with the numbers of star for ratings. You can always asks and you are always sure to get answers.

Nobody is perfect so its okay to make mistakes or get confused. You have a nice day and be safe out there.

Oct 15, 2008
Your Not Lost (LOL)
by: The Crazy Trucker

Hi Jennifer,

You are not lost, you are just among the first to chime in. I think there was only one before you but I hadn't put her entry on the proper page yet.

It should be there now.

I have been reading all your comments, thanks for so much input.

Hope you stick around as traffic builds because I think both you and Julie both has the right attitude to help other trucker's wive to cope with having a trucking husband.

Got to go.
Thanks again.

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