Hello,my name is Bob & I live in San Antonio , Tx looking to get back into driving again.

by bob
(san antonio)

I'm really looking into going back to driving again, had to quit 12 yrs ago to raise 2 daughters as a single parent. They are old enough now to take care of themselves for the most part.

Before I stopped driving I drove almost 2yrs for CFI dry van& worked locally in Brownsville TX. at a small terminal there. '

I don't mind driving anywhere but if I had a choice would prefer southern routes. I started looking to go back driving thinking my cdl was something to fall back on.

Got a big surprise when I called around , seems like I need to go through the whole schooling again, I will if I absolutely have to , but it seems like there should be a better way.

I love driving & operating large vehicles , have a good driving record. Before driving trucks I ran gulf shrimp trawlers , no stranger to docking large vehicles I still have it just need a little time on the road & in no time I'll be better than ever.

Would appreciate any advice , really need to start back soon . Thank You, Bob Dalzell rdlz123@yahoo.com

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