Green SC experienced truck driver need a job

by Rob Johnson
(Greer, SC)

I am going to make this short but ask me anything you would like to know about my driving history.

I started as a mechanic but was asked to get a cdl class a to go on the road with them and be there otr mechanic.

Did that for 3 months and got into local delivery I'm mpsp Mn driving a single screw 48' trailer for tires plus. Moved to FL and got my first otr job with HONEY trans, what a nightmare.

Did not know how to fill out a log book, had no CB and my first trip was to NJ. My first check I bought a. CB and started asking lots of ????. Well I made it even went to russia I mean CA.
Left with a ticket to come back though.

Went there four times and every time they gave a ticket to come back, I told them it was cheap to get in but too much to get out. Don't go there no more.

After that I Went to CO. Haled grain and Cattle,,,,,,,YUP cattle , don't mess with the bull, you might get the horns. But it was my lucky day, got the bull in the deck.

Then my dad died, went back to MN. Got a job with Jeff Foster Trucking out of WI. Best OTR job I ever had!!

I had to quit that job because of some real big family problems.

Moved to SC and got into construction, bad idea, should have stayed in the truck! I hope this wasn't to long but I didn't have a cdl instructor telling me all the wrong ways to do things.

I WORKED for my otr cdl! Just trying to do it again..

My name is Rob Email is phone is 8644783296 , can any of you big dogs help me out??

Response: Wow, Rob you been around man...
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