Great Website, Folks!!!

by Al
(Tilbury, ON, Canada)

A tip of the hat to you folks for producing a great website. Thanks for all the hard work. I picked up a heckuvalot(is that a word?) of good advice/info.

I'm in trucking school after mulling this career over off/on for a coupla years, while picking the brains of family/friends in the business. A layoff after 20 solid years of machining and programming was the kick I needed. I've had one good career and looking forward to another good career that finally let' s me enjoy the sunrises/sunsets(we each only get so many) while I put in a day' s work.

Merry Christmas, all the best!

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Jan 31, 2010
We appreciate your appreciation
by: Hervy

Thanks for the feedback there Al.

We do what we can! :-)

Good luck on your new adventures into trucking. If you stuck in out cooped inside doing machining for 20 years, I think you are definitely in need of the open road. lol.

Let us know how your training is going at your school. Was it a good school or poorly ran.

Let us know what company you decided on and how satisfied you are there.

That will sure help us to keep relevant good information available for the other visitors after you.

Thanks man,

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