Frosty the bullhauler - We do it for the rush...

by Jeff frost
(Hugoton ks)

It's not the money because there's not enough 💰 in it anymore. it's not the glamor it's the love of animals that feed you.when you load calves it's all some.they are like 3 year old take them and lead and show them how to go in your trailer.hands on love it.

now you have feeders cattle there bigger 600 to 800 weights they can hurt you so you got to be careful about handling them then you have the fat cows they will kill you they will run over you they will even stop and walk all over you again that's excitement cowhauler bull haulers we do it for the adrenaline rush because we love the livestock.

with out us no more steak or hamburger or bacon chicken we are livestock hauler who feed you.

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