From Maryland would like to drive for some one out of NJ.MT. Holly Pennsauken down through Lawnside

by Booker Blyther
(Belcamp MD U.S.A.)

Always had trouble Checking in on Elderly Parent she lives in Philly Pa..But if any body who watches the news, and being from Philly you would always hope for a change. But you could plainly see that its not getting any better.I know I know violence and crime is ever ware but it's a lot different when it's your home town. I've been a lot of places and I've seen a lot of things.Once you find a atmosphere that you think that is right for you and come to the realization that know matter were you go or how right it is for you there will always be somebody or something to try and mess things up for you. And so you become a free spirit were it SHINES NO MATTER WERE NO MATTER WHAT.I just believe that we as people should learn to grow and live "LIFE" here on this earth. Freely for as longe as we possibly can. ( That is the only way to let by gon's be by-gone.) NJ and MD is less complicated for me.I do a better job.

was out of work for two years to make these things happen for my ederly parent had family disputes these things get pretty bad . I'm now at a dis advantage with the trucking industry.I'm not a criminal.I am a United States citizen I've driven since 1984 trucking school but when my work history got a little on-and off that is no reason to try and start me all over again.Truck driving is not a seniority job

It is given and Paid base on experience even if it go's pass 10 years of work history. I have it I'm your man,I'm looking for part time. E-mail 267-401-4100

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