Fresh start 2015

by Asron
(Inglewood ,ca)

I've recently quit smoking weed! I'm tried of not having nuthing and I also need a brand new start at life! Well any way I'm questions are how far back hair testing go back , might I add im a black male getting his life together and join all the responsible drivers out here! I'm not worry about piss it will leave my system naturally!

My Concern is hair! I'm give my self till the fall to save money for school and not own these companies nothing but my services! I'm ready to go now but my hair is not yet so just trying get some undertstanding! On hair!

Two what companies like swift do just urine or both as well i m hungry for this! On top of this I workout too! So if you could give me list of companies that do urine for now that will be great I know I need a year for experince in the field to either stay or go to company that pay good! Any way I'm done with thc and just need info and no judging comments!

Thank you and God bless you

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