fresh out of trucking school with a felony

by marlena
(charlotte nc)

i am a 28 yr old mother of 2 and just got out of truck driving school. i am a felon and i didn't realize it would be this hard finding a job in this industry because this is what a lot of felons go to because they cant get a job elsewhere.

A lot of the companies that i applied to do not hire felons so don't know where to start. can someone please help me?
Marina Try Carolina Cargo down there out of Rock Hill, SC
eight zer0 three 789-3100

It got a little harder since last year. It will depend a lot on the charge and how long ago it occurred. Robbery, Theft, Drug Charges and are especially harmful to your chances.

Convictions less that 10 years are harmful and less than 5 even more so.

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Aug 15, 2012
try this NEW
by: dwest baby

go to the place that arrested you rather it was county or city and tell them u want to expunge your record and theyll give you some papers to fill out i did it twice and this is how i learn to get ur record expunged they probally want do misdameanors but theyll expunge felonys trust me try it

Jul 07, 2012
its gonna be rough NEW
by: Anonymous

I hope its not a current felony, mine was 21 years old and most companies said ummmmmm no.

your best and only bet is smaller companies, but you have a bonus your a woman and most women are better drivers and i say that as a man. most women are safer and have better skills sorry guys its true.

try schneider or swift they gave me a shot and as i mentioned my felony was 21 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

But mine was a possession charge other company hire felons but with my charge and in the trucking business cocaine was A BAD HABIT and most companies just say no.

keep looking but find a company that will train you.

Jul 06, 2012
jobs NEW
by: Anonymous

Try martin transport out of belmont nc they haul loads to california

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