Fort Knox Ky Mark Archambault

by Mark Archambault
(Fort Knox Ky)

I drive class B 20 years then got my class A license a little over a year ago through the military. I'm still a Army Reservist. I had been driving for the same company a year and a half as I was getting my class A. They put me to work for another company moving 50 trailers a day. Their contract ran out after 4 months and my company tried to cut my pay going back to them.

I switched to a shuttle job that was also trying to take advantage of me but ended up having work slow down and being the last man hired, I found myself laid off. I have 7+ years pulling a trailer but hard to prove I have 8000 miles pulling my own 50 foot trailer from Mass to Ky 3 times and 6 mos pulling trailers for 2 different company's.

I'm good at driving a truck and a log book. I dove out on the road a year with a Class B truck for more than a year with a log book before I had my class A. Give me a call to talk Mark 978-235-1325

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