focused ex driver wants otr trucking job

by john mitchell

my name is john mitchell, i have 7 years of otr experience, i have driven the streets of la to the streets of new york city , i can drive any where the load picks up and delivers , with no dispute, an get it there on time,, an pick it up on time, the only place i wont go is canada , would love to drive mexico never been there ha ,

i will drive as team driver but only with another female, my email is contact me and will give my cell number? well thought for a second need a job so here my cell number its 901 319 7511 ,

i have a tx driver license it expire in 2015,class a, i dont have haz mat, my license is clear no tikets had a dwi 21 year ago an all is clear ever since , i can stay out on the roadfor as long as needed, i been off the road 2 years last co i drove legitament for was knight transport i drove for an owner op from oct 2009 till jan 2010. ,he let the truck registration go bad on me twice in that short period causing me to get tickets , he did pay them for me i glad of that but thats not a good thing to run thru scale house with no registration an having to buy permits constantly so i had to go back home an let him have the truck back.

I dont wanna run illegal all the time , honest owner only i wont drive for any one born in another country either thank you for reading my letter john mitchell ps

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