Florida New CDL looking for a trucking job

by Michael Phelps

I am 33 years old and I live in Miami,Florida. i have a felony record but i have change my life for the greater good of God. Christ has given me another chance! I have 10 kids and I work hard to provide for each and every one of them.I dont know how God provides but he always does and i thank him daily.

Well I am looking for a job in the trucking field I have just applied for clemency from the governor.(God willing i will have it granted!)I have undified faith!I have a class A CDL.

I just graduated from The CDL School,INC in MIami,Fl.i have completed the A-160 program and I have my certificate. i am looking for immediate employment if possible that i my start my new life as a trucker/professional driver.

give me a call at 786-447-2993 if you have any leads.
Michael Phelps

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