Florida driver who has paid for mistakes now ready for the highway again

by tommy knight

we have all made mistakes in our lives but i seem to be paying for it twice. not only do i have to pay restitution for my stupid mistake but now i cant find a good job to take care of my family.

i have an 11 yr old little girl and a soon to be wife. yes i made a horrific mistake, you see when the economy collapsed i saw easy money to provide for us in the taking of a four wheeler.

it solved the problem temporarily but eventually got caught and am now paying for it big time. i have done my jail time and am currently on probation, but stipulations say i can still drive otr if needed.

i am an excellent driver with no serious accidents or tickets and am always on time if not early. i live in northern Florida. if any one has any thing available please call me at 3863641413
Response: You are not alone in feeling this way. However, these issues are simply part of the reality of having made those mistakes.

My point is for you to not take it personal. It just the end part of the process.

Keep your head up and your attitude positive despite the rejects and closed doors. However, don't let it discourage you and revert back to what seems easy.

You will eventually gain traction in getting back on course. Meanwhile do things to add value to yourself in the eyes of those who are hard to convince of your transition. Because it also benefits you personally anyway.

Take a human resources classes, or behavioral classes while you are waiting get hired.

Or volunteer at programs related to rehab, or youth mentorship. If you like speaking man, see if you can talk to youth and explain why it is important to do things a certain way and make decision based on the future you desire starting at an early age so that they won't have to deal with the consequences of making poor decisions.

These are just some thoughts but they give an immediate solid entry to point at to show opposite history of the criminal charges.

It goes a long way to convince those hard to reach that you are not the same person who stole the four wheeler.

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