Florida Class A CDL Driver for 15 years

In may of 2012 I was convicted of refusal to submit and reckless driving. I was coming from a wedding that night with a friend and she ran in the ditch. She was driving the vehicle.

Anyway, I was in the process of trying to pull it out the ditch when the Florida highway patrol pulled up. they wanted me to take a breath test but i refused.

I know i would not have passed the .04 limit for a commercial driver. my license was suspended and disqualified for 1 year. I now have it reinstated with a new DOT physical but no one will hire me because of the insurance companies.

I have no points on my Florida CDL and no DUI convictions. I am a very good driver and am not even a drinker. { none anymore, even on special occasions} what can I do???

Is it possible to have the refusal expunged from my record?? adjudication was withheld on the reckless driving so i dont even have that conviction.

I need some help because that's all I know how to do is drive a truck and I'm loosing everything for lack of work. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Ronald E Bramble

Florida truck driving jobs

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