Flatbed tie down and tarping equipment

by Dan
(Gamaliel AR )

This is used equipment but all still in good shape to tie down and strap downloads it is enough equipment to tie down 53-foot trailer and tarp as well I do have bungees this steel tarps are 21 foot in length with the 6-foot drops the lumber tarps are for a 3-piece tarp system with the flaps in front and back 8 foot drops Lumber tarps or blue steel tarps are black 7 ratchet binders 12 snap binders 20 chains 5/16 inch 26 4 inch drop 12 2-inch straps 64 inch ratchets 10 - inch ratchets winch bar oversize load signs front and back 6 red flags 26 veeboards 12 inch plastic call dan 316-305-7130 to make offer

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