Five most important tips for drivers

by Jimmy

Hey everyone, this is Jimmy with my five most important tips for drivers.

1. Manage your time. Plain and simple. Understand that there are only 24 hours in a day. You cannot make up for lost time. Allow for unforseen delays. Breakdowns, weather, traffic, construction zones, rush hour traffic, delays at the shipper or consignee all factor in. You may be ready to roll, but you are not going anywhere unless you have freight on board and your equipment is top notch and you have a bill of lading.

2.Know your equipment. That truck you're in will make you money, but only if you take care of it. If your brakes are somewhat worn, that may be ok as long as you are aware of it. If you check your tires and find a flat, that doesn't necessarily mean your dead in the water. You could 'baby' it in to a tire shop if you had a light load, or were empty. I'm talking about dual tires, not steer tires. If your wipers are wearing, you would want to replace them going into rainy wheather. Always check your a/c and heat daily. That way you are certain when you flip that switch, that cold air will be blowing. And for sure, keep those fluids topped off. It only takes a minute. And lastly, when you stop for a break, do a walkaround every time, If there's a probelm, you'll find it and take care of it here rather than on the side of the interstate.

3.Be a professional. We have an image that we project to the public. Lets project a good image. Everyone takes notice of a clean truck, courteous drivers, presentable drivers just as they notice dirty equipment, aggresive drivers etc. Attitudes don't really get you anywhere.

4. Communicate. Now that's easy, you simply punch up that cell phone, or use your qualcomm (an onoard computer linked to your dispatcher). Delayed for some reason? Let them know, don't keep it a secret. Accident ahead for the opposing traffic? Broadcast it over the c/b. Maybe they can jump off and get around it. Helping your fellow drivers is what it's all about.

5.Keep a good attitude. Hard to do at times, i know. After a long day dealing with anything and everything,you might want to jump down the fuel cashiers throat because the fuel island card reader is kaput and you have to walk inside and wait inline. A side note here, if you're a hot head, this lifestyle isn't really for you. You need tons of patience and an even temper. Hope that helps. Good luck.....Jimmy

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Feb 10, 2009
Good Advice
by: Hervy

I concur.

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