First Offenders

by Johnnie Scott
(Rincon, Ga)

I'm on my first offenders for possession of marijuana, it happened at the beginning of 2008.

I made a mistake and I have definitely learned from it. I was 25 then, I'm 29 now with two kids and engaged. I need a career or at least have a foot in the door so I can take care of my family and so we won't have to worry or struggle about our finances.

I work two jobs, minimum wage but its only enough for us to get by. I made some mistakes and I'm tired of my past mistakes getting in the way of my future and God willing someone can give me a chance.

I have no training in truck driving but I am ready and eager to learn, can anybody help me.

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Aug 13, 2012
2nd chance law NEW
by: Anonymous

Im not sure about your state, but several states have the 2nd chance law. This is where you can have a felony removed from your record, if you have only one. You should check with the county you were charged and it only cost 350.00..
Hope this helps.

Mar 10, 2012
Getting past your past NEW
by: Hervy


Congratulations on getting past your past. I think you may have a chance with those years gone by if you can pass the drug test with no problem. Do know that they will likely hit you with test frequently given that charge on your record to make sure you are not using.

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