First Night Back

by Darlyn

I have found out that if on the first night home, my husband gets to take a nice long, and I mean LONG, hot bath and then gets to go to bed that the rest of the home visit is so much more enjoyable.

We have to remember that our husbands have been living in a box and taking showers at truck stops. If he is lucky, he might get to stay in a hotel every so often. Though most of the time that isn't an option.

So when he comes home, there are two things he wants most of all: A nice hot bath and a nice clean bed to sleep in.

Try it. It has worked wonders for me.

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Dec 15, 2012
First night NEW
by: Anonymous

I ALWAYS try to:
1) Make sure the house is clean. Not too clean, I want it to be comfortable, not feel like a museum.
2) Have clean towels
3) Freshly laundered bedding.
and the MOST important to my hubby
4) A hot home cooked meal.

after all that he could care less what else happens haha. I just try to remember what I would like to come home to. I think sometimes we as wives tend to forget that they have needs and wants as well.

May 12, 2012
So True! NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes cabin fever is no fun!

First thing that is on my mind is what can I do to make him comfortable and happy when he comes home!

1.) Have the couch and living room table cleared.
2.) Have the T.V. set to the sport game of the day.
3.) Have the remote in close range.

Because sports are his favorite thing to view when he gets home especially after only being able to "listen" to them on the radio while driving, he deserves to do what ever he wants. Of course me lookin' real cute helps out a lot!! LOL!!

May 12, 2012
On a Roll NEW
by: Hervy


You are on a roll. I think this is a good thought for women but more importantly an example of an attitude that helps create the type of relationship that lasts.

Thanks for sharing

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