Firestone Colorado Dean Mund

by Dean Mund
(Firestone Colorado USA North of Denver)

I'm an experienced Driver. I've been driving since 1989 off and on. And really tired of large companies and all their broken promises. Also their slow trucks that wont even do the speed limit.

I have done a lot of Dry van and reefer as of lately have been learning flat bed moving construction equipment from job to job and running a small dump truck.

I would like to work for someone that knows what it's like to be a driver and doesn't mind if the truck goes at least the speed limit. Also is willing to treat me like a human being not a truck number or employee number.

Understand that as a driver you truly do need time at home with family sometimes more than a day or two. So you can make plans. I'm hard working dedicated to the right person that treats me with the respect I feel I deserve as I feel I have paid my dues at this point in my career.

I am some what of a clean freak can not stand a dirty truck inside or out exception to the outside in bad weather. I treat the truck as if it were my own and take care of it the same way.

I want someone who will be very honest with me as I will be the same to them no B.S. or lies don't mind working long hours just want to be compensated for my hard work and dedication.

Would like to run out west or southwest I have a lot of mountain, ice, and snow experience. NO accidents.

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