Finally a career I love.

by Cindy
(Scottsbluff, Ne)

I was married at a very young age. That was a disaster. 2nd time wasn't much better. Was living in Canada and came back to the U.S. Went back to work as a bartender. Was living with my sister until I could get back on my feet.

Looking at the paper one day saw an ad for truck driving school. One of my mom's friends was an OTR driver. He hauled swinging meat out of Des Moines to Ca. then back to east coast and back to Des Moines. He would stop and see us with his truck.

I would go out and sit for hours in it and look at all the stuff. Light bulb went off and decided I can do that. Went to apply and I was one of 5 women in that class. Kept in touch for awhile with some of them and I am the only one still driving.

I went through the class and met my 3rd husband there. We started to date at the time. It came time to go out and get a job. He looked at me said so do you want to try to team. Hmmm had to think about that for awhile. Wasn't looking for another relationship. But decided might as well. LOL I thought if it didn't work I can always go solo. But 8 years after we started driving decided it might work out and we got married.

Was going to drive for a couple of years and then I figured I could dispatch. That was 28 years ago and we are still pushing this rig down the road and enjoying what we do.

Started as company and bought our own.
We don't drive as a hard team anymore. Mostly a solo and a half. The company we are leased to now does use us as a team on occasion but we are happy with the less miles now.

If you ever get to the point you aren't happy or still finding adventure doing this profession it is time to stop.

Happy trucking everyone.

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