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by breaking wind
(all48and canada)

Been rolling over 20 yrs now, seen a lot of stuff no one at the home front would believe, finally learned to just keep it to myself.

Was on CB speaking with nice male trucker, a no profanity and everyday type conversation, then was asked when I del and what town. I told him tomorrow late in Laredo,he said oh well then you got time to give me a blow job. I was knocked down by the sheer stupidity and blatant slap in the face I got from that remark.

Was not the first time and I know won't be the last, but after fuming for hours about the remark, I came up with my new good old standby response-sounds like fun, just give me a minute to grab my crowbar.

The world has good folks and bad folks, and being a trucker you encounter both and can never be sure which is which. I keep to myself on the road and wait till I'm home in a more pleasant environment till I slightly lower my guard with humans.

Truck drivers come in all makes and attitudes, just some crappy ones use CB to hide behind. Those type, in person, can be standing next to you in line at the fuel desk, they'd just probably nod a hello, never be nasty, till they can hide behind CB. I can ignore most of the stuff that goes on out here, but sometimes I just gotta bite the ones that act like aholes back.

I came up with the handle breaking wind, thought it would either give someone a good laugh or throw off a would be ahole.

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Dec 07, 2015
Just like anything else...
by: Anonymous

... People can put on a facade behind their internet keyboard or their C.B. radio...

They've been doing it for years.

They won't talk like this to your face, only when they "ThinK" they are anonymous.

Nobody is REALLY, TRULY as "anonymous" as they think.

People = Stupid, ignorant, inconsiderate, ugly; inside and out... for the most-part

Every once in a while you find someone in this world that truly has a good heart.

Personally, I've been in the industry for over 35 years and I have never spoken that way to a woman, a lot-lizard, a trucker, a girlfriend.... nothing

I answer to myself and hold myself to a high standard.

I won't hide behind my keyboard and act like I'm someone I'm not, nor will i play like that on the C.B.

You will know what I drive and where I'm at if you really want to.

It is what it is; a fallen world with morons and morality gone to shit in a hand-basket.

Keep talking to people. There are a few good ones left.

Goes both ways, male or female ~

Dec 07, 2015
Respect for women truckers.
by: L.W.B.

I've seen alot of that happen myself ppl nod hi or say hi and then stay hiding behind the cb. I got no respect for truckers who talk Nasty to women truckers. I do have respect for women truckers.

a lot of guys are intimidated by them but won't admit it and also women drivers also do better than men at things a lot so the men want to make themselves feel bigger and dominate by making smart or sexual remarks towards women truckers. My hat off to you and of respect for you. Hope keep being safe out on the road.

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