Feeling resentment for husband choosing trucking

by Jodi



So this is the 2nd time my husband has decided to try his hand at truck driving. The first time we had our 2 daughters at home and they were young. I ignored him most days he called to talk, basically keeping myself occupied. I felt so bad after that.

So now he is driving again, this time we have all 4 children home, 2 of which are his step children. They are all teenagers ranging from 13 to 18. I have devoted more time to listening to him when he calls, he only gets 4 days home a month.

I am starting to feel angry at him for choosing to drive again, but I am also proud of the choice he has made. We have been married for 15 years and together for 16 years.

Is it normal to have resentment towards his decision? Is it normal to be angry about it? Any suggestions on how to cope with the feelings?

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