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This site has given me some new hope, man my situation with DMV will be clear in about 30 days or so, my father has been driving for 30 plus yrs and I am a convicted felon assault with deadly weapon in 1991 embezzlement 1988 and possession of firearm by felon in 2006, I have given up the streets at all cost and this is a life i want and need.

My dad is 70 he's thinking about purchasing a truck and we team up and he shows me the ropes where I have been unemployed for several yrs man and this is a sad depressing situation but your site has given me hope contact me with any in site on companies that will train a felon with valid driver license and also for got had a DUI in 98 or 01 and 08 does this take me out the loop of a company and if so can i not get my own truck and contracts or will they be into my record or should i just put every thing in my dads name and act as an employee ? hit me up bro

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