Feedback and insight from a female truck driver

by Kelly
(California )

Hello my name is Kelly, I am thinking about getting into long distance driving. I have read and gave it a ton of consideration but I can’t find anything on how female drivers who drive alone feel about the career choice.

I am pretty small only 5 feet 2 with shoes is being on the petite side a problem.

This is a thought of concern for my family and I just want to give them a honest prospective from another woman.

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Dec 17, 2022
Interviews With Female Truckers
by: The Crazy Trucker

You will hear some lady trucker complain about being harassed as a woman in trucking.

I have interview a few women in trucking and they loved it. Of course some said they get the occasional smart remarks, flirtatious comments and even cat calls....

But does this not happen in a club or Walmart if you're attractive?

In the videos of lady truckers at the link below and the posts shared below the videos, you'll find that the ladies have driven for years and years and love it.

It's common they will talk about how they're treat has a lot to do with how they carry themselves.

Many have said if anything, they see being a lady trucker and having an advantage. Guys trying to help them doing their jobs and even offering to buy dinner.

Now what must understand is in life things can happen in different ways....

You can think in advance how you will navigate that situation to the best result.

And if it's a new situation that OK because you can make a decision right now that you will handle things in an empowering way.

You will internalize things in a positive way.

For example as a woman in trucking....

If a guy rushes to hold a door for you because you're a woman.....

One woman might internalize it this way.....

Why you doing all that for me just cause I'm a woman? I can get my own door!

(And with that attitude and way of interpreting life will likely make herself miserable every chance she gets because of you attitude)

Another woman with the same experience might internalize it this way.......

Wow, how sweet the trucking lifestyle is going to be. This is a male dominated industry and if every week I'm going to have some random guy rushing to hold a door or complimenting my or offering to buy me dinner, this is going to be a fun experience.

It's all in your perspective and attitude.

As they say for trucking lifestyle is what you make it. That goes for men and women.

Women in trucking talks about their experiences

Oh yeah.... You might also hear about security. I've seen someone women talk about being SOOOOOO cautious for fear of being taken advantage of.

It's smart to be aware of your surroundings. And let's be honest, it's possible that in certain locations a woman is more likely to be a target.

I just don't see it being something to have to worry about.

Because 80% of the time you can park at a truck stop. There no worries there. If there is 1 criminal minded trucker there it's 10 who will defend you from him. Just park where other truckers can see you.

Not off in the dark alone by yourself.

The other 20% percent you might need to park on a ramp or at a shipper/receiver.

OK, on a ramp, who's going to see you to know youre a woman trucker.

If you're at Walmart or anywhere else and there's not a lot of trucks, Ok, if you leave the truck then someone might now it's a lady in the truck.

It takes a bold idiot to come to your truck with your curtains drawn where they can't see what your doing with any ill intent.

And unless it's the cops or someone with a uniform like walmart security, why answer the door.

I just don't see anything to keep you from being a successful lady trucker, but I'm not a lady trucker which is why I interviews some to find out their experiences.

They seem to confirm just what I expected.

Again nothing wrong with being careful and aware and proactive in protecting yourself.

But some ladies make it seem more of a traumatic experience than it needs to be.

It's very smart to inquire and research though. And that being the case makes it even more likely that you'll be just fine!

May 20, 2020
should I ? NEW
by: Jimmy

Hi there. What is the reason you are thinking about becoming a driver ? A few things you need to think about. ... long days, everyday. 600 mi/ per day driving will wear on you. Cant always get a shower daily. Noisy truck stops makes it hard to sleep. You drive all day and then you get to climb in the sleeper and sleep in it. 24 hrs/day in your truck. Driving in strange cities looking for an delivery address. Constantly being told what to do by dispatchers, shippers, even $10 hr security guards ! Luck to ya. My advice, just go for it. You can always return home and work back at the office if it doesn't work out. Jimmy

May 19, 2020
Here you'll find women in trucking
by: Hervy

You can ready about the experiences of some women in trucking here.

women in trucking

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