Fed up! I Think I am going to break down this time

by Julie
(Minnesota )

I'm new here. My husband has been driving over the road for about 12 years. I'm 35 and expecting baby #5 in 8 weeks. We rent the house we're in but have been looking for a bigger house and found one!

But part of my problem is getting my husband to make any move towards buying a house. He has all the excuses, finally he did stop in at a bank to get an application to fill out. Anyway, last week our landlord showed up to say he had someone coming to look at the house (we're in) in hopes of buying it. We had no idea this was coming and the place is a mess!

The garage is basically my husband's extra junk yard and I am stuck cleaning everything. they are coming to look on Wednesday, he will be home Monday evening and has to leave Wednesday morning. there is a ton of junk to be hauled in and 1 day to do everything he needs to do.

Plus guess who gets to be here by myself to deal with the landlord all the time and answer the fun questions like why the screen door is ripped off. (husband did it) I think I'm really going to break down this time.

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Mar 25, 2016
by: Hervy


I assume that you have talked to your husband about giving you a hand. For something like that, he could even take an extra day at home unless he is under a load. Make up for it later.

Of course, if he refuses to do so, tell him you are not a miracle worker. Hire merry maids or Two men and a truck to haul husbands stuff to new place.

Either way, someone gets paid to help move it and clean or he misses 2 days from work to help do it himself. Same money either way. (Might be less work and quicker, if you hire people depending on how much stuff you all have to move. I always hire people...I digress)

As far as your part of dealing it, either way it goes....Just keep thinking about how wonderful it will be at the new place when it is all said and done.

Congratulations on the house, hope getting out of that one goes smoothly. You can handle it. Like I said, if you have to, hire someone and don't feel bad about it, if he won't stick around to help.

It's not like you are spending the money on shoes and a pocketbook. The stuff has to be moved within a certain time frame.

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