falt long hauls

by furqan
(toronto, canada)

I am seeking info and guidance what does getting az experience mean, also i have enough financing for two long haul trucks i have about 100k saved up and i am 20.

I know my age might be a little shocking for my savings but i am a trader and have been one since the 09 recession when i was 14 and so i have some start up capital and would like to run two of my personal trucks for long haul.

I already have my drivers and everything and and in the process of getting my license but want to get my hand on partnerships not loads but partnerships as i am OK with breaking even for the first year or so, so that i can make better profits.

My brother who is currently a trucker said if u know the right people u could make up to 15k to 20k a month in long haul if u own per truck.

Is that still the case if so how. Profits is my only concern.

my email is furqan.altaf@hotmail.com and my number is 416 831 3883

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Feb 24, 2015
Getting Started in Trucking Business Young
by: Hervy

Congrats Furqan. Great job on successful trading and saving!

I would advise you to remain patient and disciplined and just hold off on making big moves until you get your license and drive for a year. You have plenty of time man.

With that much experience and knowing that you will learn all that you can in the year, you will have people more willing to work with you and have more options.

For instance, one easy and hands off thing to do would be lease a truck on to Landstar, but they are picky (because they are one of the best for doing what they do)

There are many options however, and you might choose to broker your own loads and do all the paperwork yourself.

The point is there is so much information to learn and to be aware of that you don't want to have someone advise you totally without some idea yourself about the trucking industry and how it works unless you know/trust the person 100% to do so.

Alternatively, you could also find a training program for broker, running authority, logistics while you wait to turn 21.

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