Experienced Wilmington, Ohio driver for trucking job from Ohic to SouthSouthwest and back

by Lucas

I'm a 31 year old male looking for my dream driving job. Wilmington, Oh is roughly 50 miles north of Cincinnati Oh.

I have over eight years driving experience with a clean record. I have my doubles, triples and haz-mat endorsements.

I'm looking for a driving job from southern Ohio down south, southwest and back. Maybe out 4 days a week or a week on - week off job. I am willing to talk about a schedule that works for both of us, I really would rather not run northeast.

I am very clean, non smoker (but smoking does not bother me), and have a little experience with auto mechanics so I can troubleshoot problems with tractor.

I am a father of 5 ages 4 through 15, married for 10 years. I love to drive and the freedom that trucking gives you but my wife is disabled and it is to hard for her to do all the things at home by herself.

I ran for a large company at my last job, OTR for the first year with trainer and it put way too much stress on my family life and marriage. I promised my wife I would not put them through it again.

I can be reached at lnicholas98@yahoo.com or my cell# 937-944-2820 my name is Lucas.

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