Experienced trucker looking for Alabama based owner operator

by Richard Cheatwood
(Jasper AL)

Looking for an Owner opp around Jasper Alabama to gain employment as a Driver. I have worked as a company driver for Southern Cal Transport and have other experience as well.

My kids are grown and I am ready to go back to work over the road for anyone that will give me a fair chance to prove my worth.

Let me say a little about myself-- I drive safe and plan my time wisely. I do my best to never be late and if a problem I will work the problem and make sure the load will be covered.

I know fully the importance of my actions in your truck be of your full expectations and even more.

Where and when is for you to say and me to go. I am seeking employment from someone who will expect no less, and really give me a shot. Thanks. rich.cheatwood@gmail.com 205-717-5195

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