Experienced Rocky Mount truck driver seeking a part time truck driving job

by Darrin Parker
(Rocky mount n.c united states.)

The last time I drove was in 2010,The company I was driving for let me go because I was seeking other employment.

They have a rule that states if you are looking for another job then you don't want to work for them any more.

The security company that I applied for called, it was for a part-time job. I was home on the weekends so I wanted to get a part-time I didn't a chance to tell them what I was doing.

I now work for Rocky mt engine plant in rocky mount n.c though a temp agency and I'm not making enough money and they have not hired me full time yet.

I would appreciate if someone would give me a chance to work, I have 15 years of experience on the road. I would love to be home every weekend but if i can't every other weekend would be great.

I was a owner-operator for five years,I have a lot of experience on the road. I just ask that I could be home every other weekend to attend church. I live in Rocky mount n.c Thank you in advance.

My phone number is (252)886-3044

Response: If I were you I would call the other company back and tell them what was up. If you were working there for a while I don't see why you wouldnt be able to talk to someone running things, unless is was one of the large trucking companies. Also check out these
part time Rocky Mount truck driving jobs

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