Experienced Driver trying to get back after 2 year illness.

by Thomas
(Buffalo, N.Y.)

I graduated from driving school in January of 95.I have driven in all but one of 48 states.I have driven in all weather with no accidents or tickets ever.

No DWIs or criminal history.I also have done Canada border crossing in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.I have driven mainly dry van and reefer, but have some experience with gas tanker and dump trailer.Would prefer dry van or reefer. I have a hereditary disease called Hemochromatosis or iron overload disease. My body absorbs too much iron and stores it in vital organs.However, it is treatable and maintainable.It is treated by giving blood.I am close to normal levels and am feeling back to normal.I will need to maintain low levels though by giving blood once or twice a month.This is done on a weekday.That is my only limitation.

The effects of the disease only take place after prolonged iron build up (months or years). So there is no immediate risks to me or equipment.I live in the Buffalo,N.Y. area and would prefer out and back runs but am more than willing to do over the road if I can get back 4 blood draws.

Am willing to work weekends to make up for the occasional lost weekday.

Just to give an example.

If I were to give blood on a weekday morning,I would be ready to roll buy evening time.That's it.

You can reach me at windowsetc3236@aol.com so that I am sure they are serious inquiries.Thank You.

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