Experienced driver living in Pensacola, Florida

by Brandon Hollis
(Pensacola, fl)

My name as I stated above is Brandon Hollis. I'm 35 yrs of age. I have been driving for 4 yrs OTR, but have been in and around trucks all my life. it's the only thing I've had a passion for perusing as far as careers go.

I've worked for trans am trucking out of Olathe, ks for about 4 months. I tried to do a lease on a truck through their company, didn't like like that at all. There was never enough miles to sustain life on the road as well as bills and etc at home.

I then joined western express and I stayed with them from February of 2011 until here recently,May of 2014. A little over 3 yrs.

I didn't like western for 1 reason....No pay increases. Your pretty much locked in at the cpm you start at when u start which was .30 cpm. I did eventually receive a 2 cpm increase because the terminal manager recognized the hard work I was putting in in the job as well as always putting safety first, but by that time I had pretty much had it with equipment failures and office dispatch not being consistent, getting dispatched on ghost loads.

Meaning, getting dispatched, driving a hundred plus miles to get to shipper and finding out there is no such load to be picked up. And etc, etc. I'm looking to drive someone else's privately owned truck or possibly going to a very small company with only a couple trucks.

I would like a part time position, but I certainly wouldn't mind a full time position. My phone # is 205-495-5166 and I do reside in Pensacola , fl. email: actionjackson2000@live.com.....Thanks
Experienced truck drivers needed in Pensacola Florida

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