Experienced California driver looking for trucking job

by Alex
(Ontario, CA)

My name is Alex. Fifteen years ago I found myself unemployed,facing foreclosure on my home and several other debts. I lost my faith, my way and fear and desperation overcame me. Determined to keep a roof over my children s head,I lost my own.

I committed a armed robbery at a federally insured facility. While there were no physical injuries to anyone during this incident, I will always be regretful for the emotional distress I brought into those employees lives that day.

I was apprehended. Charged and convicted. I served 6yrs at a federal institution and completed 2yrs of felony probation.

The real losers in all of this was the very ones I was trying to help, my family.

During my incarceration I completed a 5yr Electrician's Apprenticeship Program. Upon release a Electrical Contractor help me get in to the I.B.E.W.Union. Life was great again for several years, especially for my family.

Even though projects end and layoffs are generally not that big of a deal for Journeyman Wiremen in the union,that all changed in a big way in 2009. Construction stalled. the books are full and there's no work.

I went to a trucking school in 2009 and subsequently acquired a commercial drivers license. And even though most of the trucking companies list their criteria under which circumstances they would hire a felon, that hasn't proven true for me even though I meet their stated criteria.

I did get a temporary driving position with a Leasing Broker. I moved some tractors, but mostly straight trucks throughout the western states for 6 months. Their work slowed down and isn't expected to start again until march 2013

Yes I'm struggling. But, God is present. And wrong doing is completely off the table for me, know matter how bad it gets. Trust me, the lesson has been learned!

I'm hoping for something stable and permanent, but I'm open to temporary as well.

I can be reached at 909-331-7224 or boldmalad@yahoo.com

Thanks, Alex
Ontario and surrounding area trucking jobs

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