Ex-Felon in need of work...still on supervised release!!!!

by Jerry
(Montgomery, Al)

Hello everyone, I am coming here to ask anyone that's out there, that's willing to give me a chance at trying to work, and prove to society that I am ready to be a productive member of society.

I just recently came home from federal prison where I served nearly 15 years, this is a different world out here from how I last left it 15 years ago.

I don't have anything other than my word, that I am a different person today, than I was in my yester-years.

I know that the insurance companies don't like to deal with felonies, but here is the thing, there's many truck drivers, as well as many different sectors of businesses that have employee's that don't have no major 'DOCUMENTED' felonies, but none of us can ever be for sure 100%, that the people on your payroll is safe, honest, and trust-worthy.

All I ask for is a chance, I know the odds are against me here, but again, I am determined this time to get it right, and this is not a sob story on any false pre-tense.

I could be in the streets committing crime now to survive, but I have learned that there is a better way, and I am committed at making this 2nd chance at freedom work.

Thank everyone for their time at reading my story, I don't have my CDL as of yet, but I am here asking for any work that anyone has to offer to someone that has been tested tried and convicted, but back better than ever and ready to earn an honest living.

Thanks guys & girls:) may God bless!!!



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