Exercise and Eating Ideas for The Trucking Lifestyle

by Chris
(Winnett, Montana)

I am a OTR trucker and well on my way to a healthier me. I have lost 30 pounds, in 2 months, by reducing calories, eating smaller meals 6-7 times per day and making better food choices.

For exercise, I began last week using a resistance band. I purchased it for $11 at Walmart which is an extremely good value. It came with a basic workout plan to use on alternating days with a day of rest every week.

It takes me 8-10 minutes per day with 4 exercises, 15 reps and 3 sets. I have a 70 inch sleeper on my truck and can make any of the exercises work with a bit of repositioning.

With winter approaching I was looking for something that I didn't have to leave the warm truck to do. Although I am only burning about 200 calories per session, I believe that any exercise is going to benefit me and it's all about making progress towards my goals.

For healthy eating I have come up with a couple of ideas that make it more economical without too much time investment.

I purchased 12 snack size reusable containers, at a cost of $6. I fill these by buying a large bag of peeled mini carrots, snap peas and celery(You can buy pre cut celery at Walmart). Each container has approximately 60 calories and helps between meals.

I also buy 100 calorie packs of almonds which really satisfy you quickly when needed. Lastly I use Equate meal replacement shakes in the morning. A pack of 12 at Walmart is $9 and having one in the morning helps prevent me from eating too much for my first meal a couple hours after I wake up.

Like many truckers, I would get going in the morning with just a cup of coffee and not eat until I was desperate and this caused over eating.

Hope this helps someone.

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