Ex Boilermaker from Hawaii trying to be a Trucker in California

by Andrey Cordova
(30505 canyon hills rd, Lake Elsinore, CA, 92532)

I was an ex felon 1995 and was released 2000. During that time I entered the Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program until 2012 and moved to California.

During work in the year 2008, I borrowed my co workers truck so I could move some furniture from my house. During that weekend I was pulled over by the police and the truck was searched. I wasn't worried about it, then a police pulled out a backpack which I later found out belong to my co-worker, got arrested posted bail, was pissed, looking for my co-worker, we had a long talk and he apologize and he told me that if it was him that was to have gotten pulled over, he would do life, three strikes, repeat offender.

He has 3 young kids, married, just got his act together, we both shedded tears, and to make a long story short, I took the responsibility, to save his family and himself from further traumas, and my condition was that he gets help, rehab and never f**k with that s**t again.

Hes doing really good today, As for me Im having problems getting a truck driving job in California, because of what happen, Only God knows what will happen to me...

Thanks for listening..Contact me at welderdrey@gmail.com if anyone has any leads.Thanks, Good luck,God Bless,Andrey Cordova

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Jan 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

P.O. Phone: (808)539-4537 If anyone know him,give me a call. Thank you.

Nov 22, 2013
Title: Andery Cordova (FULL OF S--T!!!!) NEW
by: Anonymous

That bull about the police and backpack,thats more bull I can stand it!

His kids, not one of them know him at all!! Andery care about himself only,his wife was waiting at home for him. About 2 maybe 3 years before he saw his wife agin!

Ex Boilermaker f--k up a job so bad,company had to call the police to get his ass off the job.

His still a wanted man here in Hawaii!

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