even the oldest son needs a big brother

thanks for what you are doing .i see what you mean about change and the people around me.my cousins hate on me cause i dont kick it with them and its true what you say about watching people ,choices . i choose to be successful but i cant do it with influences that are not good for my positive change.trust i learned this the hard way,but i get it now and im not going nowhere but up.your website gives me the push i need to go and be better than i was and make better choices. m

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Jan 22, 2010
I will be a big brother to anyone who needs one
by: Hervy

What's up my brother,

Man I am glad you have have seen the light and is walking toward it. I have no doubt you will keep moving toward your dreams.

Just try to open the eyes of others around you when you see the opportunity. They say you can lead a horse but you can't make him drink.

That's true but even if he walks away he may return to what he was shown if he gets thirsty enough, however if he is never shown his only option is to wither and die. So preach what you have learned man.

Knowledge is power to those who choose to use. Those who don't, loose. Eventually.

Hey I am glad the website was an energy drink to your growth man. Thanks to People like Jimmy, Jen, Robin and other who keep the movement going and people like you who feel it and respond.

Hope it will continue to be part of what helps you and others moving forward. If you seen any other way I can help just let me know.


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