Escaping a Felony Record that should of never been.

by David Taylor

Cub Scout Dad needs a trucking job

Cub Scout Dad needs a trucking job

Back in 2002, my wife and I, along with our children, were on vacation. We came out of a Kmart store to find a man beating up a woman on the ground. Kids screaming, Wife frantic; I did what any gentleman would do. STOP IT!

I tackled that SOB and we started fighting while the lady ran off scared. When it was over, he had a broken jaw and I had a new set jewelry (handcuffs)and a new record. Turned out, she was a shoplifter and he was one of them under cover security guards. And in S.C., security is considered law enforcement officers.

So I was convicted of Assault and Battery in a High and Aggrivated Nature. I had to do a year in prison and 2 years of probation. Trying to do the right thing ruined my world.
I still have my CDL. Prior to the incident, I drove for Covenant, Wiley Sanders and PST Trucking with a little over 3yrs experience. I have also driven locally for American Food Distribution and Logan Lumber.

I am a dedicated otr driver, who likes to live out on the road where the money is at. I like to stay out 6-8 weeks at a shot and come home for a few days only.

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