enjoyed the website

by Brandon dudley
(Houston, Texas)

I am getting my cdls in april of next year and i enjoy looking at the videos and just browsing through the site.

my father recently retired from the trucking industry he drove for 30 years and every since i was a kid i use to ride wit him on the truck all over the us and i just knew that truck driving was going to be my career and i wouldnt choose no other career. and when i read this and look at the videos it brings back so much memories from when i rode wit my pops over the road.

i know u r busy driving but just email me at brandondudley242gmail.com because there are still alot of things i want to know about trucking. cuz a few years back my pops started a trucking company and due to financial situations he had to sell his truck so now he told me its up to me to go get this thing started up again.

trucking has gone through my family from my pops and my uncle who died.

right now i have currently up to 8 or more people kin to me or married to the family and friends that still drives trucks. so when u get some extra time just holla back at me at the email adress above. BE SAFE OUT THERE

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