Employment from the truck

by Kim

Hello ladies! I'm very fortunate to be out on the road with my husband but ive always worked my entire life.

Looking for ideas on how to make a little money from the passenger seat.

Any ideas? Feel free to email if you'd like


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Dec 26, 2016
Ways to make money from the passenger seat
by: Hervy

I just used shopify to build a store to sell products that I don't have to touch. It's drop shipping. Mine is for Pit Bull and large dog products.

www.courtneyspitbullshop.com. Got that site done in under 10 days filled with products. (No, I havent made any money yet, lol. Just started it December 19th... I think.)

Take a look at it and if you want help setting it up, just let me know. I will send you a link with a lot of free training.

Basically it works like this... You decide what types of products you want to sell. You go find the products. Easiest place to get them is Aliexpress.com

You display the products in your store. When someone buys, then you dropship them the item from Aliexpress.

In other words, you don't buy anything until you sell the product.

I don't know if you are on the email list but I sent out an email asking if people wanted to learn how ways to do what you are asking in which I covered many ways of making money online.

Only a few people showed up. If you have interest in me doing this webinar again, respond to this post.

Also tell me your background so I can get some ideas of what methods would suit you the best. For example how many words per minute can you type and do you like writing/typing, researching, storytelling. Can you shoot video? What type of hobbies or background experience do you have?

I also informed people that I cover all of this stuff in the driver success kit.

at www.supertrucker.me

There is almost an hour of presentations there about different ways to make money online.

I am glad you are thinking about this. Definitely something you should do. Drivers should be doing it themselves when they are not driving.

No need of just wasting all of that free time away watching TV or on the CB.

Make sure you sign up for the email and respond when I announce a webinar so I know there is interest. Otherwise, I won't do it because it is already at www.supertrucker.me. and the cost there is cheap compared to what you get in return, plus it helps me pay for running this website.


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